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Louisville: 028 9061 2018


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CLONTARA GROUP (Inc. Louisville and Colinvale Court Private Nursing Homes)

Louisville and Colinvale Court Private Nursing Homes are located on the Glen Road, Belfast with the main entrance situated on the Shaws Road. The Homes share the same site but are largely managed independently.




Established in 1991, Louisville Private Nursing Home has capacity for 48 patients and specialises in care of the elderly with the emphasis on quality, dignity and compassion. Our well trained, dedicated team of approximately 50 staff are committed to providing a high level of nursing care in a relaxed and homely environment.




Colinvale Court is a purpose built EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) Home which was opened in 1995 and has 50 single bedrooms, 45 of which are located on the ground floor. We have a devoted group of staff members who are qualified and familiar with the issues associated with patients who have been diagnosed with dementia.

Colinvale Court, Belfast

Louisville, Belfast

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